The Wolfman movie website

The Wolfman movie website

By Luke on August 28, 2009

Wolfman movie flash website

I love movie websites, because they are the perfect opportunity to create some really nice and interactive Flash websites. Movies also lend themselves perfectly to this kind of interactive media, and with the kind of marketing budget you expect for Hollywood films they normally produce something very special. This is maybe why I was so disappointed with the website for the new ‘Wolfman movie’ ( I hadn’t actually heard anything about the film until earlier today, but it has an all star cast including Benicio Del Torro (Che, Sin City, Snatch), Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs, Dracula), and Hugo Weaving (The Matrix and Lord of Rings trilogies) to name but a few.

The website is unimpressive, and has very little interactivity. It is a fullscreen flash website (although Flash is unnecessary for the functionality the site offers) and you can watch a trailer, view the synopsis and view a photo gallery. There is really very little else to it. Thankfully the trailer for the film does look quite good! At best I would describe this website as a missed opportunity, as there is so much that they could have done with it. The film isn’t released until 2010 so perhaps there will be more updates as the release date of the film gets closer.

Interestingly though they are using Social Media to promote it, with links to both Twitter and Facebook groups at the bottom of the page.

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