The top trends driving online marketing in 2017

The top trends driving online marketing in 2017

By Lee on April 10, 2017

We are now well into 2017 and so far there are lots of online marketing trends to be looked at for businesses.

While data is making it easier to target consumers, it’s a massive undertaking to discern valuable information from the volume of data available. How do you stay focused, create conversations, and increase conversions?

So, we are going to run you through our thoughts on the latest online marketing trends and why you should be incorporating them into your marketing strategy moving forward.

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Here are some of the online marketing trends that are already having a big effect for 2017.

Increased focus on customer experience

Customer experience is the heart of online marketing for every industry. While it has always been a marketing focus, today’s businesses have embraced customers to create effective marketing strategies and use this for positive digital outcomes.

Engaged and effective measuring: Analytics 2.0

Measuring how effective your online marketing has been, is sometimes harder than you think. With confessions from Facebook and others about how their data doesn’t tell a complete story, what we do have is less than informative.

In 2017 we are seeing that business objectives are being much more focused on profit, revenue, customer retention, and satisfaction.

Video Marketing

Ever heard the phrase; content is king? Well, this is still true, but the kind of content that rules the web is changing. Social content, reviews, blogs, papers, and eBooks are all still crucial aspects of marketing, but video content is making huge strides in 2017.

At Falkon Digital we have said for a number of years now that video marketing is becoming an important aspect of businesses online marketing strategies.

Considering the success of games like Pokémon Go, expect virtual and augmented reality to take us into the future. Brands that fail to incorporate video content within their websites and online marketing will be left behind.

Social media marketing

We need to change the way that we think about social media. Social media strategies should market less and sell more. Often, brands use social media to blast highly generic content — content that people are ignoring. Use social media to engage with consumers, not blast messages.

You need to make sure that your content on social media creates engagement. By asking questions and posting sharable content is what will drive customers to take notice in the posts and that can ultimately lead them to your website.

Social media should be personalised too, and it’s not too hard to accomplish. Facebook recently updated its business page styles, Use this to focus on promoting your business the way you want.

Using social media correctly can be the frontline marketing of sales and services for any business in 2017.

Collecting data

The Internet of Things has been in its infancy. Cookies have been collecting our data for years which can help remarketing for almost every business. Moving forward businesses will continue to capture data using the power of billions of connected devices which is a marketer’s dream.

Collecting and making that data useful, though is the key. Beacons, sensors, edge devices, TVs, clothes, fitness brands, and more are all producing useful data, meaning more opportunities to get closer to the customer. Although we are still limited to the data we want in 2017 we can expect in the near future more useful data will become available and how we use this data will become hugely important.

Chatbots and AI are becoming targetable

Providing positive customer experience and service means leveraging the power of technology. When you go on holiday, asking locals for advice on where to eat is good, but they don’t know whether you like spicy food or have an intolerance to any particular foods

Chatbots such as Google Home and Amazon Echo can use AI, deep learning, and data crumbs from across the web to understand and guide consumer behaviour. They are programmed to know your likes, dislikes, and needs. This means they can guide you on where to eat, how to travel, or where to shop.

With technology like this being developed, in the future, we will be targeting these chatbots more than businesses realise.

Right-time marketing > Real-time marketing

Real-time marketing — with eyes out for opportunities to market and score — has been hot the last few years. Think of Oreo’s “Dunking in the Dark” campaign. As we now use data to isolate the best moment to connect with consumers, real-time should switch to right-time.

Prepare for marketing to own digital transformation campaigns

It’s important to remember that online marketing is always changing, so make sure your business is transforming alongside it. Look at all of the above online marketing trends in depth and capture your audience with new and exciting digital initiatives. This will affect consumer experience and show that you understand what your audience wants.

Undiscovered marketing trends for 2017

Of course, there is plenty of time left in 2017 for new online marketing trends to develop so save room for the unpredictable and unprecedented. Given last year’s trends, it only takes one new trend such as Pokemon Go to get everyone thinking about how they can capture a new audience or how to capture their audience in a new way.

With this in mind make sure you are marketing your business in the correct way and plan in advance.