Latest Instagram Update Allows Multiple Pictures In One Post

The Latest Instagram Update Allows Multiple Pictures In One Post

By Lee on March 28, 2017

Instagram has become a key player in digital marketing, more and more businesses are getting good engagement and exposure using imagery on instagram, so we look at how the latest update can help businesses with their social media marketing.

Since 2010, Instagram as only allowed people to upload one photo at a time. Well now, the latest Instagram update allows you to post several pictures in one simple post. We are going to run you through the reasons why the latest Instagram update is great news and how this can help businesses create more engagement with their followers.

At first, you could only post your images in the square format, but after a few updates, the app allowed you to post vertical and horizontal pictures without forcing you to use black and white bars around your photo.

Now, Instagram has taken another big leap and has changed the entire look and feel of the app altogether by allowing users to post multiple photos per post. Obviously, you could have done this in the past by using a collage. However, using a college shrinks the images and allowing multiple pictures in one post is totally different and much more exciting.


What the latest Instagram update means for businesses

All business now use Instagram as part of their Social Media Optimisation which means that this new update allows them to create something different. It allows businesses to post more than one photo, it could change the way timelines look, how many photos are posted in a given day, how people interact with their followers, and much more.

For businesses within the makeup industry, you could use the multiple photo format to ask followers to vote for their favourite makeup look. Giving them the options to pick a look between A, B, or C.

The latest update will help businesses who wish to show before and after pictures with noticeable differences a lot clearer. It can even give you the option of using 2 or 3 different styles of clothing as well as featuring a message at the end, to sum up your post in an effective way.

If you think about how restaurants already use the Instagram stories feature to show their food this will make things much easier for them. For example, they will be able to post a picture of a starter, main course and a dessert as well as having enough space to post an offer on the last slide.

Take a look at below at the example how StichFix is already taking advantage of the latest Instagram update.

Instagram Update

You can click left or right on each picture to scroll through, yet the description, likes and comments remain the same on each slide.

The latest update also allows you to add multiple videos too. This is something movie studios have been asking for a while as now they can add multiple trailers to movies in the same post.

How to post multiple pictures on Instagram

  • Tap the upload button as you normally would.
  • Tap Select Multiple to upload multiple photos and videos.
  • Tap the photos or videos you would like to add to your post.
  • Select your filter for your gallery of photos. Keep in mind that you can’t change the filter on every image or video – they all stay the same.
  • Tap Next in the upper right corner when you’re happy with how your photos or videos look.
  • Write your caption for your photo gallery and add your location. You can tap the photo gallery to tag whoever is in the photos.
  • Tap Share when you’re happy with your Instagram gallery and it will appear as one post in your feed except if you look closely you will have a batch of photos

Social media marketing for your business

There is no doubt about it that the latest Instagram update is an important tool to use for your business just as Instagram stories has become. If you have a highly engaged audience that you communicate with on Instagram, then experiment with the new batch posts feature.

Will you be using the latest Instagram update as part of your social media marketing? If you are interested in looking at new ways to target your audience but still need some advice we can help you get the most from your social media campaigns.

It’s important to target your audience correctly and create a social media strategy by content that will be interesting to them.


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