The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

By Sadie on March 24, 2010

The Video above is a clever bit of internet marketing, a satirical look in the traditional advertising agency with some home truths about progression and the future of advertising.

I first saw this video on Andrew Girdwoods blog and thought it deserved a post. This video compares the traditional advertising agency to fallen empires such as the Romans and the Mayans and is set in a time that could very well be our future!

This video is obviously a bit of fun and a clever campaign from the website FITC, I found this an interesting video to watch as it shows similarities to the attitudes I have seen in the industry.

A lot of print advertisers and television advertisiers are continuing to use the same messages, even the television adverts are not as creative as some of the older adverts I remember from my childhood but if they have cgi and special effects it seems to be worth it to them.

Today the consumer has a voice, as a design student I had a lecture called ‘Informing The Masses’, and this looked at ways in which to get your message across to your audience through advertising. These methods are still being used but by keeping this attitude of we are here to inform the masses we are forgetting that the masses have a voice and really we should be listening to the masses!

That voice is heard more and more in the digital world as companies need to know what people are blogging, facebooking and twittering about with regards to their brand. Digital agencies are thriving as they support companies online, help them develop an online brand, help their websites get found through SEO or SEM, and help monitor their reputation management.

I don’t think traditional advertising is dead, I just think it has got a bit stagnant, we see the same adverts churned out and they have lost their impact. It is rare that you see a really clever advertising campaign but when you do these tend to go viral as it is such a rarity. Traditional advertisers aren’t changin their techniques either, instead of embracing the fact the small person has a voice they are rolling on as if it was still the 1980’s with blinkers on.

Online advertising provides a much better return on investment, this is due to the expense on buying ad space for print and TV, as well as production costs but as long as the media is there the space needs to be filled and this can be a great opportunity for someone who has a good concept. Even Online Search engines like Google and Bing are using television adverts and print but the trick is to know your audience and respond to what they want.

However even some digital agencies are getting stuck in their ways using the same techniques, many SEO companies still use black hat techniques and out of date SEO practices, print turned digital agencies are tackling social media with the solution that everyone should have a facebook and Twitter meaning these networks are getting saturated with mundane companies that obviously only have it to tick the box that they are doing social media.

If you want to succeed in business and advertising the trick is to move with the times, what was working last year may not work today – just look at all the advertising on MySpace!