The BBC Invests In SEO - Broadcast Media & Search

The BBC Invests In SEO – Broadcast Media & Search

By Sadie on November 21, 2009

BBC Invests In SEO

If The BBC Invests In SEO, Shouldn’t You?

Even though the BBC News websites has a strong visibility in the Search Engines, BBC News have now announced that they will invest in search engine optimization (SEO) for the site.

SEO is fast becoming a standard practice for most websites, by taking up Search Engine Optimisation you can become a market leader in your industry with a good campaign. Today’s Internet users rely heavily on search engines to find content, news included, very few users, however, look further than the first page of Google or Yahoo to choose a site. Any site that relies on Internet visits; either publishing news like the BBC, brochure sites for brand exposure or ECommerce sites for direct revenue, needs to be looking at SEO for their marketing.

Steve Herrmann, editor of the BBC News website commented;
“We estimate that about 29% of BBC News website UK traffic comes from search engines,”

The BBC is a strong site with history, many links, and a very high page rank, all of which already contribute to good search engine exposure. Although as most SEO’s will know they do make a lot of mistakes with not having an SEO strategy in place. By bringing in an SEO campaign the BBC will allow its journalists to create two headlines for each story. One appears on the front page and on website indexes, as well as on mobile phones. The second headline will be for the article itself.

Unfortunately Falkon Digital did not get the BBC contract but whoever did may have to do an overhaul on the archived URLs, put in canonical tags on some of the duplicate paths as well as many other tweaks that on a site as large as the BBC will be impactful on SEO results.

So, what will be the implications of SEO to BBC content? The design will not be affected as much as the content. BBC representatives say that they will focus on putting keywords on the content to give the News Company’s articles stronger online presence; I only hope that this does not compromise the quality of the articles and drive users to other online news publishers.

Recently there was an uproar that the BBC would be using tax and licence payers money to pay for Search Engine results, this turned out to be PPC results not natural SEO results but the controversy would remain the same… who is paying for the SEO Campaign?

There has been no news on whether the campaign has been undertaken by an Agency or they have employed a full time team to dedicate to this. I am keen to find out who has got the job, after all, if The BBC invests in SEO, other broadcasters will surely follow.