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Falkon digital junior website designer

Meet our Junior Website Designer

Falkon Digital are proud to announce our new Junior Web designer Robson Loseby, he has proven success with responsive website designs and commercial design.

Responsive Design Tutorial part 1

Responsive Design Tutorial – Part 1

In this multi part tutorial we will take you through the basics of understanding responsive design in web design through some simple demo examples which you can follow along with at home.

What is Responsive Design?

What is Responsive Design?

One of the most talked about trends in web design for 2012 is responsive design. What is this relatively new buzz phrase, and what does it mean for your website? Read on!

Falkon blog post featured image for post - HTML Form Default Value Removal on Focus

HTML Form Default Value Removal on Focus

A common request from clients when building html forms for websites is for the field to have a default value which will disappear when users click on the box.

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Social Media Calendar

At the beginning of the year it is a great time to look at your social media calendar and work out your marketing strategy for the upcoming year.

Falkon blog post featured image for post - Microsoft Celebrate the Slow Death of IE6

Microsoft Celebrate the Slow Death of IE6

Microsoft have recently held a light hearted party by baking a cake - in celebration that IE6 is now being used by less than 1% of US internet surfers.

SEO Friendly Websites | Web Design

SEO Friendly Websites – Good For Search, Good For...

At SEO Creative we create SEO friendly websites that are built to be found by search engines and in niche industries can do very well without any further optimisation.

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5 Retro Website Design Elements We Don’t Want Back!

We've put together a list of 5 Retro web design elements that amazed us 20 years ago but now look outdated and we don't want to see them in modern day web...

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Creative Photography

SEO Creative specialise in website design, website marketing and website conversions, but one area may people forget to budget for is Photography.