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How to migrate a Wordpress website from one domain to another

Refresh fetch_feed cache

A short tutorial showing how the add a filter into the fetch_feed function to force a RSS feed refresh and then shorten the time it takes to refresh the cache.

Responsive Design Tutorial part 1

Responsive Design Tutorial – Part 1

In this multi part tutorial we will take you through the basics of understanding responsive design in web design through some simple demo examples which you can follow along with at home.

Falkon blog post featured image for post - HTML Form Default Value Removal on Focus

HTML Form Default Value Removal on Focus

A common request from clients when building html forms for websites is for the field to have a default value which will disappear when users click on the box.

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Flash Tutorial: How to Add Sound or Music Using...

A simple Flash Actionscript 3 tutorial to show you how to add sounds or music to your flash project using only actionscript.