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Google Chrome 68, SSL Certificates & http - Is your site secure?

Google Chrome 68, SSL Certificates & http – Is...

Google Chrome 68 is likely to be the start of declining site performance due to Chrome 68 adding a prominent 'Not Secure' next to the URL for http sites (sites without an...

How will mobile first indexing affect your search results?

How will mobile first indexing affect your search results?

If you're concerned that Google's move to mobile first indexing might negatively affect your site's visibility and search engine ranking position, get in touch with us to find out how we can...

disruptive ad google chrome

Google & Chrome vs. Annoying, Disruptive Ad Scourge

Eyeballs generate a lot of revenue and there's money to be made putting things in front of them. But 'disruptive ad' tactics will no longer be tolerated.

google search console beta

Google’s updated Search Console begins rollout

Select Google search console users were recently allowed to test a beta version of the overhauled Google Search Console. This Beta is now being rolled out.

fred the fish

Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update ‘Fred’

Yesterday there were reports of a major Google Algorithm update occurred and is being unofficially called Fred after Googler Gary Illyes Fish from a joke tweet.


Penguin 4.0 Has Landed

Google has announced that Penguin 4.0 has landed and is part of their core algorithm, but what does this mean?


AMP up your ECommerce Sales & SEO

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is ideal for eCommerce websites getting more mobile sales online, speeding up pages helps eCommerce SEO and usability for increased conversions.


Google Zombie Update

SEL reported these updates and unofficially have named this the Google Zombie update in reference to Halloween. What is going on and how does it affect websites?

Google U-SEO


You've heard of UX design right? Well today I am introducing you to U - SEO, User centric SEO. There's no out of the box solution every website is different