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Matt Cutts Head of Google Webspam

Guest Blogging is now Black Hat

Google says guest blogging is black hat SEO but what does it really mean for outreach and online marketing with real good quality content. According to Matt Cutts, head of Google webspam,...

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The Hand that rocks the Cradle

‘Mummy’ bloggers have been influential since blogging started with Mummy bloggers writing and tweeting but why are they so influential and important to marketers?

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Use Social Media for good

Social Media has been constructive in giving the masses a voice, when once big companies looked to advertise and inform the masses now every public move is open to discussion.

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Tips to keep your Blog interesting and relevant

Most SEO companies will recommend you keep your website up to date and relevant and the easy way to do this is through a blog or news platform, but finding interesting things...

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How can Blogging help you get traffic

In SEO you may focus on one keyword like SEO Manchester, these are limited to searches for this keyword however people now type in questions this is where blogging can help you...

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How to Blog – Tips to help you Blog...

Many of our clients ask us about how to write a good blog, especially for SEO, so we decided to put our heads together and blog about it!

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Blog definition – What is a Blog, Why Should...

Blogging – The What, Why and How A blog can basically be an individual’s journal that they make available on the web. It can also be in the form of a news...