Supporting your Social Media with Email Marketing

Supporting your Social Media with Email Marketing

By Sadie on September 5, 2012

Using emails, ecards and eshots to support your social media
SEO, Social Media and digital PR are all great forms of gaining business exposure and also getting new business if done in the right way, but don’t forget about email marketing as a way of supporting existing campaigns and rewarding your loyal customers.

A few months ago we wrote a post asking if Social Media was killing email marketing , the answer in summary was no, email marketing is a long way from being phased out of a marketing strategy.

Using Email to support your Social Media

Last year email services grew by 15.5% in the UK (according to Econsultancy report released earlier this year), this growth has been consistent over the past decade. Statistics have shown that if a company responds and shares on social sites this will give out a positive impression on their customers or potential customers. This will also give them a positive effect using email as it reinforces the message. If someone has previously interacted with your company or brand using social media then they are more likely to interact with your email newsletter or eshot.

If you are unsure on how to use your social media and email marketing together then start slowly, add your social media pages to your eshots or ecards, and post your emails using social media so new followers can see your emails as well as the email recipients. This way of sharing the content in your eshots means you can gain the attention of new people who are not in your database.

If people like your social media presence the additional information about you in your email newsletter will be well received. If you are a bit more confident with social media you can encourage newsletter sign ups with your social media. Using social media to get people to sign up to your email newsletters you can offer loyalty rewards such as discount codes or giveaways this will encourage them to stay subscribed and sign up in the fist place, all good ways of encouraging sign ups.

Facebook does not permit you to notify winners of competitions publicly on Facebook so social media veterans can create a Facebook app to run a competition where you need to add your email address to be entered into a competition. This is a great way of getting new email addresses on your database.

The companies that do best with both social media and email marketing use a combination of them both and think of new and innovative ways to share content, build the brand and increase sales.

Being more innovative with both your social media and email marketing will get you better results, it takes a lot more resources to get new clients and market to new business but rewarding loyalty to existing followers and customers will give you a much better response rate.

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