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Story Telling in Content Marketing

By Sadie on April 24, 2014

Story content marketing

Want to get your readers more interested in your content marketing? Tell them a story.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have noticed that my Tweets are less SEO focused since having children, you poor souls see updates of my 1 year old’s eating habits and 3 year olds tantrums. But sometimes our life outside of SEO can help us become a better SEO.

My son is in his threenage years, he has the vocabulary to talk back, but not the emotional maturity to handle not getting his own way, and at 3 years old he will not listen to anything I say – until story time. At story time he has the expectation of hearing a story, sometimes a favourite sometimes new, but we sit down and start reading. This time with my son is the only time I have his full, 100% attention, of any time during the day.

So why is story telling so important to build our relationship and get across important messages?

Story’s have a beginning, a middle and an end, they have characters you can empathise with and they flow.

Now, imagine your customer is a 3 year old who doesn’t want to concentrate on your message, even though you know it is in their best interests that they do. I know this may take a lot of imagining for some of you but try 🙂

Will they click on your website and read a factual, well written case study? Or would they prefer to read a more narrative approach? I have been testing this on a number of private sites and seen that people view the story style content for longer than more traditionally set out content.

This also correlates with the success of bloggers, who are literally telling you the story of their life, stories grab people’s attention and they keep reading.

Try it yourself, you don’t need to be imaginative and make up a piece of irrelevant fiction worthy of Mother Goose’s tales, but add some empathy, human experience, compose it with a story or narrative.