Stormtrooper Office Diary #008 – Foul Play!

Stormtrooper Office Diary #008 – Foul Play!

By Steve on February 24, 2012

Here at SEO Manchester productivity tends to drop a little on a Friday, due to a little table football tournament we have between each other! It may only be 2 foot long, but you’ve never seen something get thrown about as much by two grown men. I think we may need to screw it down to the table to keep things fair and even.

This Friday however, after a brief meeting about web design; we discovered our holy pitch was in use – by TD-421 and TD-422! All was not well though, as the impartial referee seemed to be leaning towards “the dark side” a little, and booking players left, right and centre!

TD-422 was handing out red cards over anything

TD-422 couldn’t quite understand why non of the opposing players would leave the pitch after being handed the red card… in fact they seemed to have nothing to say at all, and just starred straight ahead as if he wasn’t even there! That kind of behaviour would not be tolerated in The Empire!

The above photo was taken by one of our Manchester based photographers using his Canon 40D and Canon 55-250mm telephoto lens.  Exposure info is 1/100 sec, f/13, ISO200 at 90mm focal length.  Lighting was done with a pointlessly over the top set up of two flash guns, one in a 43″ umbrella camera right, and one with a DIY grid to camera left at a lower power. Colours and tone all tweaked in Adobe Lightroom.

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