Stormtrooper Office Diary #007 – Secret Santa!

Stormtrooper Office Diary #007 – Secret Santa!

By Steve on December 23, 2011

TD-421 was very excited to hear that Santa Claus was coming to the office to see what all the little SEO Manchester boys and girls were wishing for Christmas.  But after waiting his turn in the queue for what seemed like an eternity he managed to get to meet the big man!

TD-421’s only wish for Christmas was to see the Rebel scum crushed by the great and powerful Galactic Empire, and a trip to see if he can land an Imperial Shuttle on Yavin.  However, his suspicions began to rise after Santa smelt like beef and cheese, and sounded like someone very familiar…. in fact, TD-421 didn’t think ‘Old Saint Nick’ wore Imperial battle armour when visiting all the little kiddies, and he certainly didn’t carry an E-11 blaster rifle!!

With a quick tug of Santa’s beard all was revealed… TD-422’s cover was blown!

Stormtrooper TD-421 was suspicious of Santa Claus

In the true spirit of Christmas though they both made up and are back on talking terms!  TD-421 and TD-422 wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  They hope you all get what you want for Christmas, and that the Rebel Alliance will be crushed in the new year.

The above photo was taken by one of our Manchester based photographers using his awesome camera on his Nokia N8.  Exposure info is f/2.8, ISO100 1/20sec at 5.9mm focal length.  Colours and tone all tweaked in Lightroom.

(Note: we do use professional camera equipment when taking images for clients – not just camera phones!!)

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