Stormtrooper Office Diary #006 - The New Arrival

Stormtrooper Office Diary #006 – The New Arrival

By Steve on September 30, 2011

We told TD-421 and TD-422 about SEO Creative getting a new arrival next week, but after disappearing out of the office for a couple of hours this morning, they returned with what they thought would be very useful… I think they got the wrong end of the stick here!

office Stormtroopers getting ready for the new arrival

After explaining it very slowly (twice) to them, they are now looking forward to our new SEO Creative employee starting on Monday, but warn that any activity linking him to the rebel alliance will result in immediate retaliation of pen throwing, paper clip attacks, Facebook sabotage and a Force Choke to the throat!

(The above photograph was taken by one of our Manchester based photographers using a Canon 40D, shot at 1/125s, f/2.5 ISO320 with a Canon 50mm lens.  Light is natural office lighting).