Stormtrooper Office Diary #005

Stormtrooper Office Diary #005

By Steve on March 18, 2011

TD-421 and TD-422 are getting a little bored around the office today. But they like nothing better than a good game of hide and seek to pass the time until the weekend! Trouble is; TD-422 is useless at finding his buddy when it’s his time to hunt. This game has been going on since 8am now…

Even my clue of “only Smarties have the answer” seemed to fall on deaf ears! Best sticking to your old job as our SEO mascot!

The above image, taken by one of our Manchester based photographers was taken with a Canon EOS 40D with an EF 50mm 1.8f II Lens. Exposure is 1/40s, f/4.5, ISO400. Lighting was “natural” office lighting again. Colours and toning all done in Adobe Lightroom 3.

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