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Stop Spinning Content

By Sadie on November 20, 2012

Spinning Content

As a digital agency we find it very important to not just work on campaigns that will help your SEO but will help you build a brand, connect with customers, and convert into shares and sales.

I keep finding websites that are just using spun content, this is obviously only done for SEO purposes and is very frustrating for users. If you value your business and online marketing then, please, stop spinning content.

Content Marketing and SEO

SEO and online marketing has been content centric for a few years now and as Google improves its algorithms it is more and more important to write engaging content. When SEO’s first realised unique updated content played a part in Google’s ranking factors we saw hundreds and thousands of website owners re writing content or ‘spinning’ content so it was unique.

This ‘spun’ content was unique but not really very good and definitely not engaging enough to convert website users. Today online marketing needs to incorporate good search engine results with conversions, shareable content and if possible, virality.

This content used to work, and in some verticals it still does work but are you sacrificing your website and letting your site down when the resources spent ‘spinning’ 2 or 3 articles a day could be spent doing a really good quality piece every other day?

Google favours sites that are up to date and if you can add unique content regularly then they will keep coming back, but times they are a changing! Google is finding ways to understand content and when you used to have to call a spade a spade and mention your SEO keywords a number of times to be relevant now they understand synonyms so you don’t have to patronise your readers but can spend more time on good relevant content that will convert and will be shared.

Engage your audience with a good content strategy

A good content marketing strategy will include relevant topics that your target audience are interested in, it will be up to date where possible, or it may be timeless tips or how to’s. With social media more people are reading content and sharing, they will not share obvious spun content in fact will probably stop reading quickly and leave your website.

Spun content often follows a format such as being between 250 – 350 words, it often isn’t split into headings and is rarely laid out with any images or thought. You will see some internal linking as these are good for SEO and spun content is only about SEO. I do feel that spun content is coming to the end of its reign and already sites using this as a content strategy are being left behind.

Spun content has its place but if you value your business and the longevity of your website then it is much better to write engaging content than just regurgitating someone else’s article that you found in Google news.