Steve Jobs angers Apple's early adopters!

Steve Jobs angers Apple’s early adopters!

By Falkon Digital on

Steve Jobs giving the finger to the Apple iphone early adopters

I saw this poster today and it really made me chuckle. It features Steve Jobs, the CEO and co-founder of Apple, smiling and giving the finger to the early iphone adopters with the following statement:

Early iphone adopters – Thanks for your $upport

Clearly this was designed by someone left with a bitter taste in their mouth after being one of the first to buy the Apple iphone when it was released. The first generation iphone had a lot of issues, and the only reason the latest version of the iphone (the 3GS) is so good, is because of the huge amount of feedback Apple received from the first to buy; “the early adopters”. As a result, these loyal customers end up being stuck with a product that isn’t as good, which isn’t a great way to be repaid!

This is very topical at the moment with the release of the Apple ipad. Many people have already been discussing on forums how they probably won’t buy the ipad until at least the 3rd generation ipad has been released. A wise move if you bare to hold out! However, if everyone chooses to do this then there won’t be as many early adopters, meaning it will take longer for the next generations to be released and the product won’t evolve as well as previous products. This is something that Apple really need to consider, and how they counter this issue is up to them, but I would suggest more stringent beta testing or a way of enabling the first generation customers a way to upgrade. What do you think?

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Comments (2)
  1. Jilted Apple

    You forgot to mention that the early adopters also paid a much higher price, hence the $ is support. No doubt they will also have had to pay for another iphone at some point, as Apple customers tend to be insanely loyal despite getting shafted. I can forsee similar events unfolding for the ipad. Oh and about the upgrade, are you kidding? Have you ever tried to make a deal with Apple in their store? They think so highly of themselves they always say that they’re “not in the market for making deals”. Pah! Is my bitterness showing through?

  2. Fran

    First generation customers are in effect doing the beta testing on the street.However they also get to be the “first” with the latest gadgets.I am sure the ipad will sell enough for the kinks to be ironed out before I get one.