Start thinking about your Christmas Marketing with a Christmas eCard

Start thinking about your Christmas Marketing with a Christmas eCard

By Sadie on August 29, 2012

Christmas ecard  Milliken

Summer isn’t quite over but the annoying Christmas adverts are already up, Tesco’s are selling crackers and Christmas cards this seems premature to most people but marketing departments should be thinking about their Christmas campaigns. Many people make the mistake of thinking about their Christmas marketing campaigns in November, but their competitors have been putting things in motion since September, this means any SEO activity has had more time to work, any social media campaigns are tweaked, tested and ready to go and they have already approved and built any design and content that will be used to spread their offers and promotions.

Christmas eCards

Christmas eCards are a very popular marketing technique for many companies, if you have a database of clients or want to reach new clients from specific data lists then a Christmas eCards are a great way of getting your message out there. Christmas eCards can be quick and simple to make or you may want to choose a more complicated bespoke ecard for your clients, different industries can look at the options and decide what will appeal most to their customers and give them a return on investment.

Measuring the success of a Christmas eCard

Christmas eCards are very easy to monitor using mail servers that will measure opening rates and click through rates, you can also tag the links in your eCards or email newsletters to track campaigns in your analytics, this can show you how people have responded to your ecard once they have clicked back on to your website and if they have converted into a sale or new contact. By measuring this data you can see how eCards are working for your business and relay this information back to whoever holds the budget. By seeing the conversion rates of these ecards you can allocate budgets and understand where your budget is being used in the best ways. If you want to know more about Christmas ecards and what is an ecard then we have a number of resources on our website to help you and are always available to discuss your online marketing needs.