Social Media for Small Business

Social Media for Small Business

By Sadie on August 19, 2011

Social Media for Small Business

The over the past 18 months start up businesses and small businesses have been encouraged to invest more into SEO and social media, however, it seems that 80% of companies, large and small, are struggling to make the most of social media and often waste time and money by not having a suitable Social Media strategy.

Research has recently uncovered that many brands do not know what they are doing when it comes to social media and do not understand how different social media platforms work. Alterian is a Marketing technology company who recently surveyed up to 1,500 marketing professionals on their brand with special note towards social media.

Even these professionals seemed to miss the point when it came to managing a social media campaign and looking after their brand online. However, they did estimate that their budgets will increase for digital marketing and social media some estimate a 25% increase in spending next year.

However, more money doesn’t necessarily mean they are doing everything they can as many companies seem to be spending money on the campaigns without analysing and monitoring the response as well following up with conversations. This seems to indicate that businesses are throwing money at campaigns to ensure they are ‘ticking the social media box’ without getting the value they should from the campaign.

This all comes back to the social media strategy, I myself have been involved in conversations where the extent of a social media campaign seems to be ‘set up a Facebook and Twitter page’ without actually thinking about all the other areas of social media and the exposure these pages may face.

What to consider when starting a Social Media strategy:

  • Is social media appropriate? Some industries don’t fit into the typical Facebook and Twitter demographic therefire are they just doing social media because it is a buzz word or will it actually help? People often forget that blogs are part of social media and a good way to control it would be to keep it on your site so blogs and online diaries may be more suitable for sensitive subject areas. Forums and other platforms can also be utilised and in some rare cases social media is just not cost effective or appropriate.
  • Where are the conversations about your brand taking place? – People may already be talking about you or what you do, this should be a starting point for any social media campaign. If it is generating discussions on Twitter, your brand needs to be there.
  • Stick to your brand– You need to stick to brand guidelines, this is obviously the use of logos and branding colours but may also be a tone of voice. If you are a family run business then perhaps a friendlier tone is suitable for you. You may want to stick to a more professional tone, this mean no jokes. Steer clear of politics and swear words, you are after all representing your company.
  • Monitor, analyse and act – Keep an eye on all conversations, this may be direct or around the subject. Analyse these conversations for opportunities, customer feedback or complaints and act by utilising the valuable information and deal with any complaints quickly and effectively before they go out of control.

If you need help with a Social Media Campaign then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have experience in using social media as a stand alone campaign, to help SEO campaigns or for reputation management and viral seeding.

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