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Social Media Calendar

By Sadie on January 5, 2012

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At the beginning of the year it is a great time to look at your social media calendar and work out your marketing strategy for the upcoming year.

Your Social Media calendar can be virtual or ,or my favourite, an actual calendar, this way you can schedule in all the important events in your industry that your social media and SEO campaign should be focussing around. SEO takes a bit of time to take effect so planning in advance means you can start working on ranking for particular things early, beating your competitors.

For example for SEO creative we like to attend SEO Manchester events therefore can write up blogs, tweets and get involved in other social media posts around these events. We can plan these events into our social media calender at the beginning of the year and know what is coming up.

We can also look at seasonal trends in our business, such as, in January and April we often find a lot of people set aside budget for new website design, this is often because new budgets have been set or they are using up end of year budget. From having this understanding of our own business we know to be focussing our social media around website design at this time.

By setting out your social media calendar with trends and events it makes planning your social media strategy a lot easier and also free up time for and topical events.

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