Social Media Brand Guidelines

Social Media Brand Guidelines

By Sadie on June 4, 2012

Social Media Guidelines

Protecting your brand is very important, many companies will have detailed brand guidelines on fonts, images and colours but nothing on how their brand is represented in Social Media.

As SEO Creative manage a lot of Social Media campaigns, as well as providing training, we have a lot of experience in this field and for this reason are often asked by companies to provide in depth Social Media guidelines in an employee handbook.

This comes about in an era where 50% of consumers have admitted to contacting companies to complain via their social media pages. This is often public and can be quite damning to a company if left unattended. I myself have seen some very bad examples of how large brands have ignored complaints on their Facebook walls whilst continuing to update offers and news.

Having a presence on Social media in any way opens the lines of communication, if you use Facebook or Twitter (or any other social media platform) to promote your business, you also have to be prepared for negative feedback and how you will deal with this.

In some ways Social Media will close the gap between company and consumer but in other ways it could be very problematic for a brand.

It is very important that your brand ambassadors have training, or guidelines, when posting any comment publicly. You need to be very clear how your brand is to be perceived and therefore strict policies on what can be posted and how you deal with any negative feedback.

By posting on Social Media you have to be prepared for questions and comments and these cannot be ignored, no big brand should just have automated updates to their social media pages, there needs to be a real person (or team) behind the campaigns.

If you want to talk to us about brand guidelines, training or getting us to manage your Social Media then get in touch today.

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