Social Media boosts online sales

Social Media boosts online sales

By Sadie on April 18, 2010

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As more and more people log onto Social Media platforms on a regular basis, sites like Facebook and Blogs are beginning to refer more sales that convert than ever before.

SEO Creative aren’t just a Manchester SEO company but we also help businesses with their websites sales and conversions and look at a rounded internet marketing strategy. Depending on the demographic we have seen a big increase in our customers’ sales coming from social media. This isn’t just facebook and Twitter but is also blogs.

It isn’t just us that have noticed this increase; BlogHer and iVillage, conducted a recent survey, showing that 73% of women have active social media profiles and engage with popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter at least once a week. They also found that found that women place a lot of trust on blogs and message boards when looking for advice and recommendations, especially when looking for reviews or information when purchasing new products. Out of the twenty million users who contributed on the BlogHer Network survey most of women favoured blogs over every other media source.

Other highlights from the BlogHer study include:

Among the iVillage community, 73 percent say they are sharing topics on message boards/forums that they would not share on social networks. Of those, relationships (61%), health (45%) and work-related (39%) issues were the main topics they would not share on social networks.

Message boards/forums are second only to conversations with friends and family as the preferred source of product purchasing information for iVillage users.

This study focuses only on the female demographic but from our own analysis we have seen an increase in referals from blogs leading to conversions. This is nearly as high as Search Engine to referal conversion rates and has grown exponentially over the past 18 months.

With more and more people blogging online and posting reviews and coments on social media sites and forums, it is not surprising people tend to trust these. Many of these recommendations are more honest as they do not come from the company promoting or selling the item or service. It is easier than ever to post content online and if you have happy customers you should consider asking them to review your products or services, perhaps a discount on their next purchase could entice them to give you a good, honest review?

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