Snowflake vectors for Christmas designs

Snowflake vectors for Christmas designs

By Falkon Digital on November 3, 2010

An example of how to use the snowflake vector pack

For those that still think Christmas is far away, you may be interested in knowing that there are only 52 days to go until the big day (thanks to Ebay for constantly reminding me about this!). If you’re planning on doing any Christmas themed design work, or Christmas ecards then now is really the time to start working on it. To make sure you’re Christmas e-card isn’t lost in the huge amount of Christmas emails your clients are going to receive this year, you should aim to send your card no later than the first week in December. This means you actually only have 26 days to go, or 20 if you take out weekends! Scary right?

To help you on the way, we have added a snowflake vector pack to our online shop. These are very versatile, and we quickly created the above image in just a couple of minutes. They are a great little timesaver! Because they are in vector format they can be used for just about any medium, including printed materials, flash ecards or flash animations, web design, graphics, flash games and more! We have many more assets that we have created over the last few months which we are planning on adding over the next couple of weeks.

All our stock photos and graphics are completely royalty free, so you have no excuse for not getting cracking on your next Christmas design!