Snowball fight game winners announced!

Snowball fight game winners announced!

By Falkon Digital on January 13, 2011

At the end of 2011, instead of sending out a bespoke ecard, we decided to create a snowball fight Flash game for a bit of fun, and award the top players some retro prizes! The game had over 3,000 plays and 582 saved scores, so thank you to everyone that played and congratulations to the top 3!

The winners!
David LockettRhys WynneGary Cupid

1st Prize (The retro sweet hamper) goes to David Lockett pictured top left
2nd Prize (The USB cup warmer) goes to Rhys Wynne pictured center
3rd Prize (The Pacman mug) goes to Gary Cupid pictured right

As it was Christmas and we were in a particularly generous mood, we also have 2 special mentions:

Special mentions!
Martyn LawsonRichard Adair

Martyn Lawson (pictured left) gets a mention for the most number of plays
Richard Adair placed 2nd on the scoreboard, but unfortunately this was after the deadline of the 20th December

Prizes are being posted tomorrow afternoon!