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Snowball fight 2013 – Winners announced!

By Falkon Digital on December 17, 2013

This year the snowball fight game had a great turnout, with nearly 2,300 plays at the time of writing this post! The updates to the game made it more challenging, but also increased the possibilites for a higher score for the more dedicated players. The top scorers weren’t immediately apparent as first prize winner Gavin Mitchell had a complete monopoly on the top 10, however the prize winners included:

  1. Gavin Mitchell (GAV), from Lancashire, winning a brand new Nexus 7, 2013 model
  2. Paul Miller (PAM), from Sussex, winning a £20 Amazon gift voucher
  3. Ian Davidson (IAN), from Glasmorgan, winning the novelty Santa Mug

Four players that shared their score on either Facebook or Twitter were also selected at random. Each person won a £5 Amazon gift voucher, and the winners included:

  • Adrian Phillips, from Greater Manchester
  • Edward Crowther, from Greater Manchester
  • Lewis McKenny, from Essex
  • Dan Bell, from Greater Manchester

Interestingly, we had feedback from some players that they didn’t believe that such “ridiculously high” scores could not be achieved. However, Gavin was good enough to screen capture one of his performances where he scored 75,079 despite making a few errors, and uploaded it to YouTube. You can view it below:

As someone that was involved in the development of the game, his “mad skills” mean that he has actually surpassed my own high score of approx 52,000, so I’m sure you will all agree he is a very worthy winner. Prizes are being sent out this week, so Merry Christmas and thank you to everyone that played the game!