Site Speed and Loading Time Will Affect Your Rankings

Site Speed and Loading Time Will Affect Your Rankings

By Sadie on December 1, 2009

Site Speed and Loading Time Will Affect Your Rankings The Google Caffeine update will inevitably mean trouble for people whose servers are too slow or whose websites load slowly – FACT. But what does this really mean for SEO? A lot of people who come to Falkon Digital are wary of SEO as they have had bad experiences in the past, this is due to many SEO companies using black hat techniques or compromising user experience with SEO techniques. At Falkon we don’t think like that. Although we practice traditional methods of SEO as well as exploring new techniques we never compromise the users experience. We feel there is no point in having a website at the top of Google if no one likes it! The same will apply to a site that doesn’t load properly if a page doesn’t load the user will get annoyed and inevitably bounce off the website. This isn’t brain surgery! At Falkon Digital we make sure a site is accessible, user-friendly and SEO friendly and if Google makes the spiders take into account load times well this is even better as poor sites will be knocked off the top spaces.

What can affect site speed?

Things that can affect load time are:

  • Clean code – messy code can have errors that prevent the whole site from loading up. Some CMS will have some messy code but you can check to see if this will be a problem using various free online tools.
  • Large Images – make sure your images aren’t too big as these can take a long time to display
  • Videos – We recommend streaming videos from another server, such as YouTube or a personal Video server (contact us for more details) this will cut down the load time, you can also make sure your Videos are built in flash, *swf files for faster loading and better browser compatibility.
  • Server – you can buy many servers online but if you don’t know what you will need and get the wrong package it can affect your load time. Smaller or shared servers don’t always have enough room or bandwidth for a lot of traffic or growth of the site. We offer various server options that can help you

These are just a few things to keep in mind but if your site loads slowly don’t get suckered into using a site speed optimisation expert, just get a good web designer that understands what is needed. A good SEO will have already taken this into account when starting your SEO campaign so don’t worry too much about the Google Caffeine Update in January.