SEO Vs Online PR

SEO Vs Online PR

By Sadie on April 27, 2010

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There has been some debate over what is better Online PR or SEO, Manchester and the UK have many agencies who offer one or the other which can be confusing for clients. In truth Online PR and SEO go hand in hand but do you have to choose?

I recently read an article by a PR company who explained why Online PR is better for your business than SEO, I found this ironic as for a PR company to openly criticise an industry that has proven to have the best ROI, and has some powerful figureheads who are very open about their views, could potentially be bad for their own PR.

I am not going to name the company as this attack was most likely founded from not knowing enough about modern SEO, or a survival instinct if they feel that they are losing clients to SEO companies.

SEO is not just spamming

From the article I read the explanation of SEO was possibly true in the late 1990’s as it explained spammy links and a rather limited view of what SEO Creative deems to be SEO.

SEO used to be a dark art, it used to be snake oil salesman but this trend is diminishing as more and more good SEO’s are appearing, with new terms like CRO and ROI! Ethical SEO’s don’t spam, they don’t buy links, but they do think of good link bait ideas. We have a lot of competitors as there are a lot of good Manchester SEO‘s and the ones we respect also agree with us that SEO starts with good websites and good content. This content will generate links naturally, get shared, and will convert – then comes that new fangled term ROI again as we can give deliverables to our clients on how well their campaign is doing.

Online PR

Online PR has definite benefits and we often work with online PR agencies with our white label service, who will think of a concept with the client then we will deliver through Video Production, Flash Games or Viral seeding.

My objection to the article in question is not that Online PR is bad just that it is naive to think that SEO’s cannot possibly understand online PR. If you are looking for a strong offline presence as well as an online presence it make sense to use a PR company that can offer both. PR is often about making connections with people and producing concepts that will inspire people. Some SEO companies do not have the time or resources to make those initial connections and maintain them and if you have a team of very technically minded people they may not be creative enough to get that winning concept.

SEO is evolving

Some SEO companies will not be able to offer online PR that can compete with the PR agencies, however, SEO is evolving and Creative SEO is becoming a new way to increase rankings, conversions and brand aweareness. I’m not even sure SEO is the best term for what many SEO’s do as the lines are becoming blurred between SEO, social media, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and other forms of Online Marketing and PR.

If you are struggling to decide on whether you want online PR or SEO, then think about your business objectives and your budget. SEO has a higher return on investment, although a combination of online and offline PR could launch a new brand and build trust which may give you a good platform for future SEO.

Many SEO companies in Manchester can help you with both but not all SEO’s can offer an all in one solution. If you want to use a PR agency and a SEO agency then make sure both companies understand the value in the other party. I have come across this PR agency that will openly disregard the value in SEO, and some SEO’s may feel the same about Online PR. For your campaign you need companies who can help each other and get the best results for you.

As mentioned before SEO and Online PR go hand in hand and by having an online marketing concept that gets picked up can create a powerful campaign that will help both your brand and your SEO.