By Sadie on October 7, 2011

ppc and seo

When you own a business it can be hard to decide what to spend your money on, SEO or PPC? You know traffic from the search engines is beneficial to your business but if you have a limited budget it can be hard to decide where to invest.

Both SEO and PPC have pros and cons and if you have a fledgling business or you need to grow your business with a limited budget it can be difficult decidingon the best course of action.

Typically Search Engine users are more likely to click on an organic listing than a sponsored listing, but that doesn’t mean PPC is not important. PPC often has a much higher conversion rate than SEO as you have more autonomy over the landing pages and the adverts to appeal to the right target market.



seo vs ppc stats



At SEO Creative we obviously spend a lot of time making SEO friendly websites and carrying out SEO campaigns. Many people use Google as the first port of call when looking for something, this may be the Search Engine results pages, Google image, Google News or even Google shopping or Maps, with so much top offer your business should really be present on Google and the other search engines such as Bing.

Search Engine optimisation is the process of making your website better and more indexable by Google, as your site gains trust and is recognised by search engines then your website will appear naturally in the organic listings, ideally you want to be in the first 5 positions of the first page. Depending on your industry this can be difficult or easy and one of the problems with SEO is it takes time. It takes time for your site to gain trust in the search engines and generate off page links as well as doing on page changes and adding content regularly. All of this takes a lot of work and can take many months, if you are investing in SEO this may be a lot of money and in a competitive industry, although the benefits will be great, it may take a very long time to get the desired results. This is time some businesses and new websites do not have and cannot afford.

In the long run SEO is usually the best option and your SEO provider should sit with you and go through what to expect from a campaign in terms of timescales and results, it may be that you have both long term and short term goals, quick wins that will bring in revenue and help the business grow while the longer campaign works on getting more difficult keywords ranking.



If you have a new website you may not have time to wait 3, 6 or even 12 months for a new SEO campaign to kick in and although PPC see’s a lot less clicks from the traffic you can guarantee the money you spend will go directly towards the traffic coming to your website.

With PPC you can choose specific keywords and have control over the best times of the day to run your ads, put in sales speeches and advertise your USPs (Unique Selling Points) you can even put in ad extensions to link to Google shopping or sitelinks giving people a choice over where on your website they can go to.

With SEO, you are reying on Search engines to understand your website and send the user to the right page, with PPC you can choose the right page for them to land on and even vreate specific pages with offers relating to the ads. Although PPC has less clicks than organic search you will  often find a much higher conversion rate.

However some businesses are very competitve in PPC and you may have to bid very high to get the best positions in the Search Engines, you need to work out your profit margins to see if the cost per click and cost per conversion works out at a profit to you.



SEM, Search Engine Marketing, often used to describe PPC, but really encapsulates a combination of SEO, PPC, and universal search. If you have a good relationship with your internet marketing company they may suggest using both SEO and PPC together. Not everyone has the budget for this, however if done properly you can improve both campaigns by learning from the other. A good PPC campaign can get you the initial traffic and conversions to fund a longer SEO campaign, you can also see which PPC keywords convert on which page, this means you can tailor your SEO campaign to take advantage of this. Unless you are using particularly black hat SEO techniques, any SEO you do on your site will actually imporve the site in Google’s opinin therefore improving your quality score improving your bid profile for a PPC campaign.

If you need more help and advice on which is the best campaign for you then contact SEO Creative for a chat.

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