SEO Manchester Vs SEO London

SEO Manchester Vs SEO London

By Steve on August 18, 2010

Never before has the North-South divide been so great than in the SEO industry, there are two major cities that battle out for the big SEO deals, SEO Manchester and SEO London. So who wins?

Well as Falkon Digital is a Manchester based SEO company we are a little biased towards the Northern SEO’s although most of our SEO consultants have learnt SEO from some of the top companies in the UK- based in Manchester.

We are not the only SEO company that lean towards Manchester being the best city for SEO, Neil Walker one of the original founders of Just Search wrote an interesting article on which SEO’s are better, North or South. This article, although was started from a fun conversation, was quite analytical using information from the SERPs to see how SEO companies were ranking for their desired keywords. This data was put into areas of their head offices to show how the companies are dominating the searches for keywords such as SEO, Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing etc.

seo results by area from

Neil broke this information down further, into cities, to show that the majority of SEO companies with the top SEO results are based in Manchester:

SEO results by city from

Neils article was looking at the top results for particular keywords that all the SEO companies want to work towards, however, he didn’t look at the top 3, top 5 and top 10 results which are also a good indication of results. A more thorough look would be to see what proportion of the top ten were northern and southern SEO companies, although I’m sure Neil didn’t have time to do this :). As overall there may be more or less Manchester SEO’s in this research.


SEO Manchester

So what is it that makes Northern Monkeys better at SEO than our Southern friends? And are we really better or is it just that the southerners have more clients, therefore, don’t have as much time to work on their own SEO results?

There are many good SEO companies ‘down south’ and this article is just a bit of fun, but recently when companies are choosing an SEO supplier they are moving away from the London-centric trends that have dominated the economy for decades. It seems that Manchester, as a vibrant and growing city, one of the areas we are excelling in is SEO and more of the International companies who would once only use a London based company are now looking to SEO Manchester to get them results.

From talking to other SEO’s in the Manchester area it seems many are adopting a more strategic approach to SEO, as Manchester is a creative city it seems this flair has rubbed off on SEO’s as Manchester SEO’s are looking at new ways to approach website optimisation. The role of an SEO is turning into that of a business advisor in some cases as SEO’s help the website do well overall and words like CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and ROI are popping into the Manchester SEO’s vocabulary.

I am not saying that this is not the same in London or other areas of the UK but with so many SEO companies in Manchester competing for work the best way to add value to your service is to get the best results that are accountable in other ways than a web ranker report.

The biggest USP for SEO Manchester compared to our London counterparts is the price! With cost of living (and renting offices) being so much lower in Manchester compared to London these costs are passed to the client and in the recession, many big companies have been opting for a Manchester company that provides the same service for less money. Makes sense really!

As mentioned this article is a bit of fun and there are good and bad SEO companies all over the UK (and further afield) if you really want to test an SEO’s credentials you need to see their case studies and testimonials, check reviews and compare to other agencies. Don’t rush into a decision to find the best SEO company for you!

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