SEO Manchester Book Club

SEO Manchester Book Club

By Joanne on September 7, 2010

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If you are a Twitter fan or a SEO fan you may have seen a few tweets from a SEO Manchester Book club, the book club has been set up by leading Northwest SEO agency I-COM who set up the book club in August and plan to meet once a month before the regular Manchester SEO Meetups.

SEO’s used to be known as geeks and assosciated with staying in and playing Pro Evo online, however with the introduction of social media like Facebook and Twitter it is cooler to be a geek and the geeks are coming out to play a lot more. These stereotypes are amusing to most as to be a good SEO it is important to have a grasp of social trends and marketing skills, not so typical of the stereotypical geek but if it is cool to be clever then who are we to complain.

The Manchester SEO meetups has meant that the SEO community in the North west has become much closer, even if it is in a drunken ‘I love you man’ way! And this mutual comradery has brought together SEO’s in the region who want to share views and discuss good books.

The concept of a book club has been around for years, where weekly or monthly the group will pick a book and read it in between meet ups. In the meeting they can discuss the book they have read and get to hear different opinions. This is a great way of sharing ideas as well as getting more well read. As with most SEO meet ups the SEO Manchester Book club seems to have the same priority on fun and a few drinks.

This months book is Generation X by Douglas Coupland (Tales for an accelerated Culture) which you can probably get from the library or buy online. The SEO Book club are planning to meet at the Font bar in Manchester before the SEO Meet. It isn’t just for SEO’s any web designer and web developers are also welcome!

If you want more information go to the SEO Manchester Bookclub site at

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