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No SEO is an Island

By Sadie on January 5, 2015

no seo is an island

Would you invest in a lone SEO? As digital marketing expands it is time for SEO’s and companies to stop, collaborate, and listen!

The SEO community is eagerly awaiting the launch of Mark Wrights SEO company, he is Lord Sugars latest protégé, and winner of the Apprentice 2014. we were all surprised that Lord Sugar would invest in a SEM agency. Why, you ask. Are we surprised of the profitability of our own industry? No, of course not, but investing in one person to provide either a full SEO or SEM service is a bit short sighted. If it was clear he was only doing PPC, then fair enough he could be a PPC consultant and make as much turnover as you can imagine, profit however would be much lower but hey he never mentioned profit but was very confident in turnover. Climb Online have already missed some glaring opportunities that 90% of digital marketers would have jumped on, as discussed by Dan Barker, which makes us wonder in the capabilities of the self proclaimed top internet marketer in the UK.

Now this isn’t a post about how Mark Wright won’t succeed, in all honesty I hope he does succeed as he has the centre stage and his failure will tarnish other agencies in an industry that already has a bad rep. I wish them the best and hope they start to publicise the value in what we do and learn quickly how much our services are worth and not to outsource if you don’t want a quick ticket to the penguin or panda enclosure at London Zoo! This is a post on investing in a team, not an individual.

The big thing that stood out from the apprentice was that Lord Sugar was investing in Mark Wright, he was investing in a person. Now we see this all the time, businesses choosing a cheaper freelancer over an agency not realising that they are in fact just investing in that person.

Now unless you have a very well connected freelancer, or have in house capabilities in other areas such as design, development and marketing then you are putting the shackles on your digital marketing campaign.

When I first started SEO (X years ago) you could pop a few keywords on the home page and in the title tag, throw a few indian links at the site and *Boom* page one of Google. Of course that was no good for the user and not a particularly innovative form of marketing that will get you loyal brand ambassadors and champions but hey, it worked and could bring in the revenue needed for expansion turning small businesses into big businesses.

I could have done that myself, it didn’t need a team of people, just basic coding knowledge and the paypal account of an indian link supplier.

Google got savvy, SEO got harder, but websites were forced to get better. They were forced to earn links and produce great engaging content, they had open dialogue with their customers through social media which meant they could respond quicker, adapt, gain real fans. It is a lovely time, but there is a hell of a lot of work involved.

Jack of all trades, master SEO of none

We’ve all heard the term, ‘Jack of all trades, master if none’ this is very apt for the digital marketing landscape. I still call myself a SEO consultant but my skills lie closer to marketing and content marketing now. I have the concept and content, but depending on what it is I will utilise the skills of the designers, developers, videographer etc in my team.

I can complete an SEO audit, but I get it checked by the technical director, and implemented by a developer. Link building, outreach, link attraction, these are all a team effort and sometimes we are lucky enough to work with a PR who can help us with these.

Multi platform campaigns

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

When Penguin hit sites hard, many small businesses complained that they lost all business overnight. This is because they only did SEO, they were relying on Google to be their sole referrer. Now if all they have been doing is buying links and not been working on their brand or customer loyalty, they were in trouble.

The digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, Google organic and PPC used to be the only real players, now we have a plethora of social media platforms, many of which are integrated and will encourage links. Content doesn’t just mean text, it is image, it is design, it is video, the limits on content are getting less and less every month. We don’t just use computers, we use mobile devices, we use hands free we can be connected and push our brand from all forms of technology.

A digital campaign, or content marketing campaign needs to have a strong concept that can be modified to be suitable cross platform yet have the same goal, whether that is brand awareness, link attraction, data collection or making a sale, all roads lead to the goal.

You will struggle to find a real expert who can deliver cross platform solutions on their own. You need to collaborate and even as an agency we at Falkon Digital need to collaborate from time to time with PR agencies and other specialist digital agencies.

If you have a savvy SEO consultant they will be doing this, they will not be working alone, or you will find they will be using your own internal resources. If your SEO consultant is adamant they can do everything themselves then perhaps they are not going to provide a full service.


No matter what aspect of a campaign you are working on, you need to communicate with your full team, third parties, clients, anyone who has an interest in the project.

We try to communicate as much as possible with clients and third party agencies and consultants, it is the only way to get the best results.

If you want to start a new SEO campaign with us, or are an agency or consultant that wants to work together, please get in touch on 0161 850 1644.