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SEO is the most cost effective Marketing for your Business

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SEO has proven to be the most cost effective marketing strategy for SME’s right up to multinational businesses. What is it about SEO that adds value?

A good SEO campaign will not just look at your positions in the SERPs and improving them, but should be a strategy that encompasses all of your online presence, and optimising your website for conversions as well as SEO. If you have the budget to combine both SEO and PPC you can create an effective online presence that will give you a massive ROI.

Although the capaign will not just focus on getting your main keywords to good positions in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) having a presence in Google adds a value of trust from the users perspective. If someone finds you from using a Google search, it is like Google has recommended you to them. SEO’s know that there are ways to trick the search engines but for the average user this is a powerful receommendation that will contribute to their decision in whether this turns into a conversion, this could be an online sale or enquiry. This is why Search Engine traffic tends to convert better than other traffic sources.

There are a lot of resources online and many Search conferences that are available to everyone so as a business owner you should always try to find out a little bit about SEO before looking to use a professional SEO and online marketing consultant. There are a few companies arounf who offer cheap SEO but be careful on what you are getting. We provide more affordable SEO but there is a level of work needed to get to a point where it starts to give you an ROI, £80 a month will not be enough unless you are in a very niche industry.

Aleays bear in mind that SEO is an ongoing effort, you cannot just put some keywords in and link to the site and expect it to work forever. SEO techniques change as Google changes its algorithms and as more and more people take up SEO it gets harder to compete for certain keywords. However building a good relationship with your SEO will help you understand what they are doing on your site and how it is working.

SEO Creative are an Manchester SEO company but we work with businesses all over the UK and even as far as New York and Australia. We build good relationships with our clients so they understand how there investment is working for them and look at making the whole website perform for SEO, conversions and online presence.

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