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SEO Friendly Websites – Good For Search, Good For Users

By Sadie on October 10, 2011

SEO Friendly Websites | Web Design


At Falkon Digital we take pride in creating SEO friendly websites. These are websites which are built to be found by search engines and in niche industries and can do very well without any further optimisation.

Part of any good SEO campaign is on page SEO, this can be content, coding, navigation and structure and in many cases new businesses starting an SEO campaign find a lot of changes are needed to the structure and even some redesign, if you have just had a website built then it can be very frustrating to have to pay for a re structure or re design to make the site SEO friendly.

Even if you are not coming to us for an SEO campaign we will build your website and design the site to be attractive to your target demographic as well as being search engine friendly. This means your site has a good platform for any further SEO work and in some niche or non-competitive industries can do very well with just the on-page structure.

SEO friendly = User Friendly

We have found that by building a good SEO friendly site we tend to use code that is accessible, with clear and simple navigations, this is of benefit to users as it isa lott more user friendly and easy to navigate than many other sites. Simple navigation and good content will help your site do well in the search engines and in many cases will be more appealing to users of the website. Unless the website is built for a specific purpose (i.e a HCP site or a marketing microsite) we will discuss the design and make the website SEO friendly.

An SEO Friendly Website is not SEO

Many people get confused when getting a website built in an SEO friendly way as they immediately think that this means they have SEO, however, a full SEO campaign needs a lot more work than just the on page structure. Although the on page elements and coding will enhance your SEO campaign if you are in a competitive industry it will not be enough to rank in the search engines. SEO campaigns are a combination of link building, content, social media and much more depending on your industry.