SEO Creative Aknowledged For Online Marketing

SEO Creative Aknowledged For Online Marketing

By Sadie on

SEO Creative have been featured in HowDo, the leading Digital and Creative news site in the North West, HowDo wrote about SEO Creative and client My Mad Ex in an article yesterday.

The article discusses the My Mad Ex website and the new Online Marketing plan SEO Creative are putting together for the Divorce support site. This project is exciting as we are working with Mortimer Designs, a creative North West Design Agency to keep the branding continuous as well as promote the forum online.

It is often SEO Creative get acknowledgement for our work as we do a lot of white label SEO services for other agencies, this means although we get to work on really good campaigns we don’t get the credit in the same way as when we work directly with the client.

This feature in HowDo is very exciting for us as it is the first time we have been publicly recognised by our peers for the good work that we do. Hopefully this is the first in many articles about SEO Creative as we have a great team that deserve the credit, keep your eyes peeled as in the words of Del Boy – “This time next year Rodney..!”

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