SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

By Sadie on August 23, 2010

Many business owners don’t understand the value of good SEO content, however good SEO content can help you gain visibility in the search engines as well as increase conversions on the website. Usability goes hand in hand with SEO, Manchester content writers understand this and help you get the correct balance for your target audience.

Content and SEO go together like peas and carrots and many webistes fall short on their on page and off page content strategy instead opting for a more minimal design. Although your design is very important to attract your target audience and increase conversions it is also very important that people find your website. As search engines are still the main source of traffic SEO content writing needs to be worked into your online strategy.

SEO content writing has recieved a lot of bad press over the years, as to keep costs low many SEO companies outsource content to other countries who don’t always have English as a first language. This was where the reputation for SEO content being spammy and gramatically incorrect first came from. However, like many other aspects of SEO, content writing has moved on significantly since then and creative content written by qualified copywriters is more the norm.

SEO content for your website has to include your keywords and it is very important as a business owner you understand that Google, and often not a lot of your customers, will understand your industry jargon therefore a lot of content needs to be quite obvious and explanotory. Although some clients object to this kind of content, thinking it dumbs down a website, user studies have shown that more simplistic and concise content is easier to understand and therefore more likely to convert.

Many users got confused when looking at content that used too much jargon, or wasn’t straight to the point, users couldn’t see quickly what the website did or was selling therefore clicked off the site very quickly.

There is a point when content can be too simple and sometimes condescending, the trick is to write content that is both appealing to your target audience as well as being straight forward enough for Search Engines to understand.

SEO Content writing isn’t just for your website content, but you can also adapt a stong off page campaign with regular blog writing, article submissions and press releases to help your overall SEO performance.