SEO Basics - Starting a SEO Campaign

SEO Basics – Starting an SEO Campaign

By Sadie on September 13, 2011

SEO Basics - Starting a SEO Campaign

If you have been following our series of SEO Basics blogs you will have a better idea of how Search Engines and SEO work so now we come onto the nitty gritty bits of starting a SEO campaign.

How to Create an SEO campaign

  • Do the Keyword research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Set benchmarks and KPI’s
  • Content, content, content,  links, links, links
  • Be Creative

In summary to create a good campaign you need to do the keyword research, the competitor analysis, from this you can set benchmarks and work out long term and short term goals and KPI’s. Ongoing content and link building are needed, but to have a really good campaign that will set you apart and get results you need to be creative and have fun! A good SEO Campaign will actually improve your website and can work well with other marketing strategies both online and offline.

Online marketing strategies

A good SEO will not just be looking at your positions in the Search Engines but also how the website is performing as a whole and other forms of internet marketing.

  • There are other methods than organic search engine results that can generate traffic for your website
  • Online Marketing can be fun and interactive and get better results for smaller investment
    than traditional marketing methods

Many people get caught up on SEO as being the biggest way to get traffic to your site, and true over a long term campaign SEO can work out as the best value for money, however, there are many options that can be used in place or to compliment an SEO campaign.

More people are using the internet daily, therefore, this is an ideal platform for brand recognition, reputation management and advertising, the return on internet marketing is measurable through performance and analytics and don’t have as many limitations as in print or other media.