SEO Basics - Social Media Campaigns

SEO Basics – Social Media Campaigns

By Sadie on September 15, 2011

SEO Basics - Social Media Campaigns

You can combine SEO and Social Media to get great brand awareness and manage your reputation online, social media is beneficial to any business as even if you are not online, people may be using social media to talk about your service or products.

Social media Campaigns

• Social Media can drive traffic to your site
• Improve your online reputation
• Get valuable consumer feedback

Social media should be the core of any online marketing strategy it can compliment an SEO campaign and help drive traffic to your website through popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s not all about Facebook though, social media encapsulates blogging, forums, reviews and other online platforms and even if you do not participate in social media someone may be discussing your brand or products in a blog or forum so you need to be involved.

By engaging in social media around your brand you can intercept any problems and address objections as well as make sure any good feedback gets shared. If you can generate discussions with the consumer you can get valuable market research and feedback for future products and campaigns.

With some companies it is important to have detailed brand guidelines for your social media team to follow, certain topics may need to be regulated so it is better to stay away from them in social media as it can roll out of control quickly. In the past, we have had certain tweets that are not time specific approved and certain Retweets from other social media partners. Objection handling scripts are useful in case you have bad feedback that needs to be addressed quickly.

Earned Media

• Consumer led
• Often a combination of owned and Paid media
• No control over sentiment

You may have heard people talking about paid and earned media, paid media was covered in a previous SEO Basics – paid blog. Earned media is consumer led and is the most trusted, the customers become the channel and traffic is directed back to the website through external blogs or social media this is different to owned media where you may have a number of microsites and blogs that direct traffic back to the main site. Earned traffic comes from a combination of owned and paid media. For example, you may create a viral video which is owned, promote it through PPC and Banner advertising which is paid and it should get picked up by the blogosphere and social media where it is independently shared. You can encourage this through seeding but you have to have some form of owned media even if it is a page on your website that is worth the attention.
The problem with earned traffic is you have no control over it and it attracts feedback, especially over sensitive issues.