SEO Basics - Offline Marketing

SEO Basics – Offline Marketing

By Sadie on September 17, 2011

SEO Basics - Offline Marketing

Don’t forget about Offline Marketing

When starting an SEO campaign you need to be aware of any offline marketing work that may be complementing the work you are doing online, offline can be very strong however you need to be able to monitor which campaigns are driving traffic to your website so you know how to invest the budget to get the best for your money.

Offline traffic generation

  • Online marketing should compliment any offline marketing
  • Use landing pages to monitor offline marketing

Your marketing campaigns should not run independently of each other, any work marketing you do offline can be easily promoted through online marketing even if it is just a PPC campaign with an ad. Offline campaigns should drive traffic back to the website and you should have clear calls to action, such as find us on Facebook, follow the #hashtag, search Google for ‘keyword’ or even just the URL.

To monitor where the visits are coming from you need to set up tracking in your analytics, referrals from Facebook and Twitter and keyword referrals are good ways to see how it is doing. However, the best way is to set up specific landing pages such as etc