SEO Basics - Link bait and Blog Seeding

SEO Basics – Link bait and Blog Seeding

By Sadie on September 16, 2011

SEO Basics - Link baits and Blog Seeding

As part of an online marketing campaign you may want to look at link baits which can be complemented with blog seeding, this can be a great way of attracting new visitors, cracking a particular demographic or launching a new product or service, as well as the obvious benefits of additional links.

Link bait

  • Improve your website
  • Create media or content specifically with the aim of attaining links
  • Get loads of links from wide network neighbourhood!

Many people think that link bait is a dark art or a trick but really it is the most effective way of getting good quality links to your site. If you add good content to your website then people will recommend it and link to it. Good content will improve the ‘stickability’ of your website, help decrease our bounce rate and encourage more visitors.

Link bait can occur naturally but thinking about ways to encourage links should be part of your online marketing campaign. Link baits can come in all shapes and sizes from a well written article, something directional or advisory, a competition or a game. You share link bait through social media and help encourage visitors and links.

Online videos, patient diaries and tools work well for the Pharma Industry and even in some cases games to provide memorable link bait.

Blog seeding

  • Seeding content, such as a video  or link bait is identifying influential  bloggers and encouraging them  to share
  • Blog seeding is NOT Spam

To encourage visits to a website or a page on a site that has good content you can use the blogosphere, by identifying’ Key Online Influencers’ in your area you can approach them and introduce them to your content. They, in turn, should link to your site, bloggers often have loyal followings, therefore, this puts your content in front of their followers who in turn pass it on.

It can be difficult to get the attention of bloggers and if they do not like your content there are no guarantees they will post anything.