SEO Basics - Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

SEO Basics – Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

By Sadie on September 12, 2011

SEO Basics - Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Getting the right keywords are essential for an SEO campaign as it will be central to your whole strategy, the keywords, depending on how competitive, will give you an idea of how much work is needed as well as how much traffic you are expecting to get. From this research, you can build a good SEO campaign and set your targets and goal for the upcoming months.


SEO Keyword research

• Find keywords that apply to your website
• Avoid too much jargon
• Will people use these keywords to find your site?
• Will these keywords convert on your site?

It is important to choose the right keywords before starting a SEO campaign, choosing keywords that your target audience will use to find your site. Many people make the mistake of using too much industry jargon, although this shows off your knowledge in the industry it will be more likely to be used by peers or competitors, this only works if the site is for that purpose. Work out who you are aiming your site at and target your keywords to them.


Competitor analysis

  • Before you start an SEO Campaign you need to see how your competitors are doing to establish the work needed
  • Your online competitors are not always your offline competitors

As with any marketing campaign, you should be aware of what your competitors are doing, and this is always the basis of a good SEO campaign. If your competitor has a large site with a lot of content and links then you need to compete.

Online competition for the top spots in search engines is different to offline competitors as you may find sites like Wikipedia come up on the top spots or peoples blogs, these are not direct competition as they will not take business away from you however they may prevent you from getting to that prime SEO real estate at the top of the first page.