SEO Basics - Content Writing

SEO Basics – Content Writing

By Sadie on September 8, 2011

SEO Basics - Content Writing

As part of our series of SEO Basics blogs we are looking at Content writing. Content writing is very important in a SEO Campaign and terms like ‘content is king’ are often banded around, however why is content writing so important?

Content writing

  • Content writing is a crucial aspect of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Robots take relevance from the content on a site

Content is an integral part of every Search Engine Optimisation Campaign as search engine robots can only crawl code, they cannot see images and therefore have to use the content and code to evaluate how relevant a site is. They cannot crawl Flash files or Images without alternative text, so a beautiful site with a lot of images and a lot of flash elements will struggle to get good position’s in the SERPs.

As content can be read by the search engines it is important to have good quality content that is relevant to what you do. Content is taken into consideration on the website, websites linking to your website and even the anchor text of links.

Content for Pharmaceuticals or high profile clients can be difficult as Content needs to be approved by regulatory or a board; generally good SEO content doesn’t get approved and a compromise is needed between perfect SEO content and website suitable for the site.

Additionally, updating the site regularly with news is hard because again all the content needs to be rigorously checked and approved. Some websites have their content restricted so that they can’t be accessed by search engines or consumers.  As a result entire sites have been hidden making on page SEO almost impossible!  Additionally, some sites have disclaimers which need to be acknowledged before the content is shown, which provides the same issues with search engines.

To overcome this we have often set up optimised landing pages that will then direct people to the log in areas.