SEO Basics -Benchmarking performance and setting KPIs

SEO Basics – Benchmarking performance and setting KPIs

By Sadie on September 11, 2011

SEO Basics -Benchmarking performance and setting KPIs

To show progression in an SEO campaign it is important to get a good idea of how well the site is doing before any work has started. You should also take time at the start of a campaign to set expectations of how the campaign will go as well as aiming for targets and goals.

Benchmarking performance and setting KPIs

• Always benchmark from the beginning of the campaign
• Set long term and short term goals

It is important to take a benchmark of the site’s performance before starting work, SEO is a long process. If you know anyone who has been to weight watchers then they will tell you they don’t check their weight daily as it will go up and down, instead check weekly or monthly to really see progress – the same applies to SEO you may have a lot of fluctuations in a campaign jumping up and down positions and even pages, however, monitoring the long-term campaign and comparing to the benchmark you will see the benefits of the campaign. Similar to weight watchers is if you take your time and get to the top of the search engines slower you are more likely to stay there. Some campaigns will use spam to get you to the positions quickly but these are often found out and penalised.

SEO can take a long time to do well and many sites will be difficult to optimise as there will be a lot of competition, therefore, it is important to have both long term and short term goals so you can see results early.