SEO and how clients can help - Do's & Don'ts for SEO Clients

SEO and how clients can help – Do’s & Don’ts for SEO Clients

By Sadie on January 6, 2012

SEO and how clients can help - Do's & Don'ts for SEO Clients

When working on an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) project it is important to have good communication with the client, especially on websites that are being updated regularly.

Many clients are keen to get SEO working quicker and there are ways that clients can help the SEO’s do their job. Recently many SEO clients have come to us with a limited budget, this is a combination of them being new businesses needing to find budgets, online companies needed SEO to make the money in the first place and the economy being unstable. In these cases, it is important for SEO clients to get an ROI (return on investment) quickly and may not be able to afford all of the services available. In these cases, there are things the client can do to help compliment the work your SEO is doing.

SEO Content

SEO Content is important in an SEO campaign, but content that is appealing to the target demographic is also important for conversions. When writing SEO content it is important for the client to give clear instructions on their industry so we can get it right quicker, in some niche industries the client may be better placed to write the content and we will optimise the content afterwards until we have reached a compromise. The longer it takes to get content approved the longer it is till the pages will be primed and give us a good platform for the rest of the SEO work.

SEO updates to the blog

We often recommend a blog as regular updates are great for keeping content fresh and provide more pages for visitors to land on. If you have a limited budget then clients taking on the blogging is a good option. We offer guidance and support on blogging and often instal plug ins to make SEO friendly blogs as easy as possible. If the client can take on a lot of blogging on the site then this can help the SEO campaign a lot as it keeps the site fresh and gives us time to work on areas the client is not qualified to do, such as natural link building, analysis and coding.

Let your SEO know when you make changes to the site

We encourage SEO clients to keep the site fresh by adding content but if you are changing the SEO content you need to let your SEO consultant know as this may have a detrimental effect on your SEO. Any big changes like removing products from an ecommerce website need to be checked with your SEO agency as if you just delete the page then you will get a 404 error. There are better ways of removing pages but you may need your SEO consultants help with this. Any changes must be discussed with your SEO agency.

Don’t copy any content

This rule goes to any clients who have a certain level of access, if you are updating your blog and just copy and pasting other people blogs you will not be doing your site any favours. Also some clients feel that a second site may give you a double chance of exposure in the search engines and will hire a web design company to make a second site, as the SEO content is working on the first site they then copy this onto the second site without letting their SEO consultant know. Don’t do this, it will be a waste of money for the second site and can affect the rankings on the first site.

Give your SEO a chance to get things done

When you pay for a SEO campaign you expect to see results quickly, it is understandable when investing you can feel frustrated but SEO is a slow process, sometimes you can get lucky and a site can rank within days but there are lots of things that influence this the majority of sites take 3 to 6 months to get sought after positions and even then other factors such as competition need to be taken into consideration. Give your SEO a chance to do their job, don’t complain after a week that you haven’t got first page positions yet, a good SEO will be explaining all the processes and any complications. You may be tempted to start playing around with the site if you don’t think it is working, but by doing this you may be delaying the process further.

At the end of the day good communication with your SEO should eliminate any of these issues and you can work together to get great results, so if you have any worries at all just get on the phone and have a chat with your SEO agency.