Search and Social Media Marketing Course (Manchester)

Search and Social Media Marketing Course (Manchester)

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Salford University - A Greater Manchester University

While talking to one of our clients recently, they informed me that their son is actually taking a IT & Media degree that has a module on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and online marketing, incorporating elements of social media. I was quite surprised to hear this initially, but decided to investigate if any other Universities were offering similar things. Of course, my first port of call was to check local Universities in Manchester, so I looked at Salford and Manchester University.

The first thing I found was actually a separate course on Search and Social Media Marketing, held at Salford University and run by a collaboration of leading figures in the digital Marketing Industry. This included Katie Donovan of SEMPO, Simon Wharton of PushON, Richard Gregory of Latitude, Ben McKay of MEC and Dr Aleksej Heinze of Salford University. On reading through the website, I quickly realised that I had actually read and written about this before, but that things had moved on quite a bit since I last checked it out.

These kinds of courses are for Manchester SEO companies, because they help Manchester’s SEO community by offering them training from people actively working in the industry. They are also unique in that they offer social media elements as well as just SEO.

Also interesting was the mention of Dr Aleksej Heinz, who was named as the Search & Social Media Marketing programme leader of Salford Business School. For anyone looking to get into the SEO industry, this could be a good course to get on to develop your Search and Social Marketing expertise, get exposure with some leading figures in the industry, and ultimately get a qualification that will be recognised in the Manchester community.

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  1. Aleksej Heinze

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for the mention, yes we are fortunate in Manchester that we have a great SEO community. – if you are not a member of Manchester SEO on linkedIn perhaps you should :-).

    Perhaps one point that is not coming through from your post is that we do use SEO and have been teaching it for a while as a stand alone module for our Undergraduate programmes but we realise that since it is such as dynamic field the best way to teaching SEO and SMO is to bring a number of industry speakers who can share their latest thoughts and ideas in the area. This makes the two evening courses – Foundation and Professional a great place not only to learn but also meet and network with like-minded people:

    We have a number of open events and the course is designed so that any Manchester SEO member can attend the open evenings – here is what we did in January 2011:

    and the final presentations of blog posts:

    Anyone interested to attend the next open evening can register here- it is on the 1st September 2011 –

    So, anyone who took the Business Information Technology undergraduate degree from Salford Business School has a chance to take a module option of eCommerce which goes through integration of SEO, SMO and business models which help companies to succeed…