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SASCon Manchester 2014

By Sadie on June 12, 2014

SASCon Manchester

Last week Sadie attended and spoke at SASCon Manchester, my favourite SEO and social conference, here are my top 3 takeaways and favourite parts.

SASCon, the Manchester SEO, Analytics and Social conference was held last week and I am still getting coming round from what was a fantastic 2 days of talks, panels and presentations.

Normally I like to do a SASCon round up of all the great information I got from the event but there was just too much to get through so instead I am just writing up my top 5 bits of information.

Normally when I go to conferences I feel I know much of the information that is being delivered, this isn’t being big headed but just a fact that I am immersed in my industry and as I enjoy my job not a lot gets past me. Also many speakers will not give you those really juicy tips that make the difference between a good campaign and a great campaign.

Our industry is made up of many different silos and from this no one can be an expert at everything, there is no shame admitting you are not an expert at everything but having enough knowledge to understand when you need help from others is a good trait in any digital marketeer and SEO.

Being good at digital often means knowing when to get help

Brett Tabke, CEO and Founder of PubCon, was the key note kicking off day 1 of SASCon and reminded us through a story that although most of us know 90% of what is being shared we should look out for that 10% we don’t know. I took this on board and I have to say this year I learnt more than ever before.

Top 3 tips from SASCon

  • Mobile is going to be big  We have all looked at our analytics and seen the rise in traffic from mobile devices, but we need to think about how this affects us as users and what is next. With the average person looking at their mobile over 150 times a day we NEED to be thinking about mobile NOW. And not just mobile friendly sites we need to be optimising these sites for mobile. Mobile is broadening, from tablets and phones to wearable tech, we need to be anticipating how this will affect our marketing in the future. 
  • Collect data – Data is key, from traffic to a site, the way people use search, social and behaviours into conversions. Even the smallest business needs to be tracking what their users are doing, also making use of free data that gives insights into trends and demographics. This combination of data, when analysed can help mould a very successful campaign, you can understand user behaviour better than them.
  • Stop Building Links for SEO – This is something we stopped a while ago, however a big takeaway from the links penalty panel was that if a link is purely for Google don’t build them,. in fact get them removed. Don’t stop trying to get links though, they are still an important signal, but build them for traffic. I would be happy for a no followed link from the right website that refers traffic.

Favourite SASCon moments

I enjoyed all of SASCon, I was lucky enough to pick some great presentations and interesting discussions. I missed some good presentations but you cannot be everywhere at once.

I enjoyed being on the content marketing panel with Nichola Stott, Anna Wilson and Kristal Ireland, my favourite moment of that was when Anna advised people to go to the pub if they needed inspiration to make a dull subject interesting. It was refreshing to see that although we were from different agencies and sides of the table on digital marketing we all had a similar approach to how a strategy should be formed, implemented and followed up.

sadie sherran content marketing panel sascon manchester

Although there were some great presentations I really learnt a lot from Judith Lewis on outreach, however she requested they stop filming and we stop tweeting as she shared her secrets. This really added value to the conference as sometimes too much is shared on social media and you wonder why you bought a ticket. Not the case with her and good questions were rewarded with chocolate.

Katy Howell also surprised me with some valuable insights into social media, and opened my eyes to a few platforms I had overlooked. She also gave some good planning tips.

I can’t wait till next years SASCon and I hope I can speak again as I really enjoyed being part of the event as well as attending.

You can view the images from the 2 days on the Don’t Panic Flickr Account

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