RiP Steve Jobs

RiP Steve Jobs

By Sadie on October 6, 2011

Apple logo with Steve Jobs face as the bite mark

News broke this morning that Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away, his death has been felt all over the world, whether you are Mac or PC you probably own or use an Apple product whether it is iTunes, to an iPhone, iPad or a Mac.

Our office is split between Mac and PC users but with the development of iPhone and iPad apps we have been using more and more Apple products and those who don’t have an iPhone still have an iPod and use iTunes regularly. Making the i symbol synonymous with apple.

Steve Jobs was a pioneer who never compromised design for quality and showed the world you could have both. This attitude gave Apple a huge following of early adopters that queue for days to get their hands on the latest release. His simple design meant Apple products were sought after by everyone and this strong brand is recognisable in every language.

So we keep it simple in our tribute to Steve Jobs and say thank you, R iP.