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Rand Fishkin Predicts 2010

By Sadie on

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz Makes Predictions for 2010 from Vertical Measures on Vimeo.

If anyone has been living in a SEO Bubble the past few years, Rand Fishkin is the founder and CEO of SEOMoz, in this Video by Vertical Measures he discusses his predictions for Search and SEO in 2010.

SEOMoz is one of my favourite resources for advice, tips and tools on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) I always follow the blogs to try and keep uptodate in the SEO Industry, as the CEO, Rand is active in the Search community as a blogger, and speaker at many conferences and events. Many people question what an SEO expert is, but no one would argue Rand’s credentials as an authority.
I found this video through Twitter, it was produced by Vertical Measures when they managed to interview him at the AZIMA event “Strategies for SEO Success in 2010″. As it is January and the New Year, the most talked about subject is ‘predictions for 2010′ so it was good to see Rand’s thoughts on the upcoming 12 months, link building and the future of Search Engine Marketing as a whole.

Vertical Measures have created a series, “2010 Predictions With 10 Internet Experts”, which which is worth watching if you are in the SEO Industry.

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