Raising money for charity by taking part in Movember!

Raising money for charity by taking part in Movember!

By Luke on November 2, 2011

tom selleck moustache movemberThis year the SEO Creative team are getting involved in Movember, a charity event dedicated to supporting and increasing awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. Movember lasts for the whole month of November, and participants have to use the 30 days of the month to grow a moustache and find as many people as possible to sponsor them while they look very hairy, and in some cases, quite ridiculous! Our newest member of the SEO Creative team (Jon Garrett) is already wondering what the hell he has signed up to!

Each person taking part has chosen a moustache style, and will be attempting to grow and nurture it. Each day we will be taking a photo of our progress and uploading it to a special Movember page which you can view here:

SEO Creative Movember pictures!

As you can see we’re currently on day 2 so there’s not too much to see, but this will hopefully show a nice transition as things start to “sprout”.

Although we are expecting some of our clients and friends to give us some serious mocking as we sport our new facial fuzz, it’s all for a great cause and we’re hoping to raise some money for charity in the process. You can make a donation on our team page here:

SEO Creative donation page

Thanks to everyone that makes a donation, and if you’re aslo taking part then get in touch or send in your pics. I think we should all go for a night out with our new taches on the 30th November. I just hope we don’t get mistaken as the Village People.