Promote your website with Christmas E Cards

Promote your website with Christmas E Cards

By Joanne on October 19, 2010

Christmas eCards SEO Creative

The days are getting shorter and the shops are already piled high with Christmas decorations and offers and it does still feel too early to be thinking about Christmas. However in design and marketing this should be on your list of priorities. Christmas E Cards take time to produce and send to your email database and coming up with a good concept is important aswell.

With an SEO campaign you always plan ahead so you can get results in time for such results, but as SEO often takes 3 to 6 months to see results this is understandable. With email marketing and website promotion similar timelines should be considered to make sure you get the best out of your campaign. Last year we had a lot of last minute jobs in December as everyone used our Express service to get last minute eCards created to send to their clients before they broke up for Christmas.

Now is the time to be thinking about getting your eCards made and going through your email database to see which emails may be out of date. We often create our eCards using Flash, this way it is easy to make the eCard stand out and look more interesting you can also easily personalise each email with the recipiants name.

When designing an eCard we try to keep it fairly simple, depending on the clients ideas, sometimes if you overcomplicate it the amount of work involved is not going to be worth the return and a simple idea will do just as well. If you keep any animation short you can ensure that the recipiant will respond better to it and they won’t click off bored half way through the animation.

It is important to create something unique that will stand out above other eCards your customer may get sent from your competitors, also make sure your brand is clear throughout the design.

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