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Penguin 4.0 Has Landed

By Sadie on September 23, 2016



Google has announced that Penguin 4.0 has landed and is part of their core algorithm, but what does this mean?

Penguin 4.0 is part of Google’s Core Algorithm

Literally days after we blogged that Penguin 4.0 was imminent, the Penguin has landed!

In typical Google fashion of releasing a major search engine algorithm on a weekend, today, Friday 23rd September, the long anticipated Penguin update has occurred.


So what are the biggest changes to the Penguin algorithm?

Penguin 4.0 is now  in Real Time

As part of the core algorithm, Penguin is now in real time, this means that instead of waiting for spammy links to be picked up at infrequent updates/intervals, spammy links will now be considered as they are crawled and re crawled. This should improve the search engines as spammy links will no longer even be of short term value.

This also means that Penguin will no longer be ‘updated’, Panda is also in real time so realistically we can expect Penguin to work in a similar way as Panda does currently.

Negative SEO

Ever since the first verion of Penguin was rolled out SEO’s have been aware of negative SEO, where you can easily point spammy links to a competitor to get them penalised, with the introduction of real time Penguin this poses a new and unique problem for SEO’s who will have to be more vigilant in monitoring links.

As part of all our SEO campaigns we monitor links frequently.

Penguin is Worldwide

Penguin is no longer being rolled out in different countries at different times, this means that all languages and countries will see the effects of the algorithm change. Penguin has previously been harshest on English language websites so it will be interesting to see how Penguin 4.0 affects other languages moving forwards.

Penguin is no longer site wide

Instead of causing site wide penalties, Penguin is much more granular, using spam signals as a ranking signal so individual pages may demoted or be removed however other pages may still rank.

Penguin is not just about Links

Google has made comment that Penguin is about spam, this may not be just links but possibly other over optimisation techniques that affect users experiences on the web.